Terms of Service

These terms of use govern the use by users, whether individuals or legal persons (hereinafter users), of any or all of the Internet services, web servers and web pages (hereinafter services) administered by Infograafika ja Ergonoomika Instituut MTÜ (referred to hereinafter as WeSupport / Toeta.me). By using WeSupport/Toeta.me services, the user confirms having read these terms and agrees to fully comply with them. Users who do not accept the terms are obliged to immediately cease use of WeSupport/Toeta.me services. The user shall be liable under Estonian and international legislation for violation of these general terms, any damage caused and any other consequences arising from the activity of the user.

Terms of use of specific services

Before the user uses any specific WeSupport/Toeta.me service, WeSupport/Toeta.me has the right to demand that the user accept separate terms of use for that service. The terms of use shall be in force in combination with these general terms of use.

Use of services by companies, establishments and organizations

Users acting on behalf of a company, establishment, organization or other legal person must register for WeSupport/Toeta.me services in the name of the corresponding company, establishment or organization. WeSupport/Toeta.me reserves the right to establish special terms and service fees for this type of user.

User account for WeSupport/Toeta.me services

The WeSupport/Toeta.me services user account is a unique username allocated to the user in conjunction with the relevant data. Every person, company, establishment or organization has the right to hold only one user account in the WeSupport/Toeta.me system and to perform operations only under one username. By creating a user account, the user grants WeSupport/Toeta.me the right to provide authentication of users, login and tracking of visits and users’ login status and to highlight data related to that person in services offered by WeSupport/Toeta.me and its partners.

Submission of data

By using WeSupport/Toeta.me services, the user undertakes to enter only correct personal data into the services (first name, last name, date of birth, gender, contact details, personal profile items and other data that describe and identify the person) and only correct data for the company, establishment or organization (company, establishment, or organization’s name, address, register code and other data that describe and identify the company, establishment or organization).

The user undertakes not to disclose his or her user account’s password to other users or persons, not to disclose it anywhere and to do his or her utmost to prevent unauthorized access to the password. In the event of suspicion or knowledge that someone other than the user has learned the user’s password, the user is obliged to immediately notify WeSupport/Toeta.me and change the password.


By using WeSupport/Toeta.me services, the user undertakes to adhere to all of the legislative acts in the field of copyright in the Republic of Estonia. It is not permitted to enter or upload the works of other authors (including photos, videos, musical works and texts etc) into the services; only original work may be entered. Information posted in WeSupport/Toeta.me services is subject to conventional copyright, unless the user has specified otherwise in the data submitted by him or herself, which it shall convey using explanatory texts appended to the means and data offered by the WeSupport/Toeta.me system (such as specifying a Creative Commons license type or expressly allowing the use of the work in the explanatory text).


WeSupport/Toeta.me reserves the right to establish, in services or service terms of use, certain restrictions on every user, within the limits of which the use of services is allowed. The restrictions may include limits on the amount, usable by the user in one or more services, of drive space, upload speed, number of various data elements, size of the unit of data to be entered or uploaded in one service, and other restrictions. The user undertakes to adhere to the restrictions established and not to exceed them.

Communication with other users

The user is not permitted to send advertising or mass mailings to other users.

Processing of personal data

The user grants WeSupport/Toeta.me the right to process and to retain personal data entered by the user into services. Unless noted otherwise or specified in the relevant terms of use, the user must take into account that all data are meant for public presentation by WeSupport/Toeta.me and its partners on the websites of the relevant services. If the user wants WeSupport/Toeta.me to end processing and retention of personal data, WeSupport/Toeta.me shall enable the user to delete his or her user account and all of the data related thereto. WeSupport/Toeta.me has the right to publish data entered by the user into one service also in other WeSupport/Toeta.me services whose terms of use the respective user has accepted.

Termination of agreement

Violation of these general terms or the terms of use of a specific service (including impersonation, submission of false data, holding several accounts or other violations) entitles WeSupport/Toeta.me to block all data and information associated with the person in the system or to delete all or some of the data (including photos, videos, audio files, texts etc) without warning the user in advance.

WeSupport/Toeta.me has the right to close, temporarily block or delete the user account of users who have violated these general terms or the terms of use for a service. WeSupport/Toeta.me reserves the right to deny provision of service to any legal or natural person, explaining the reasons for the denial.

Amendment of the general terms and the terms of use for services

WeSupport/Toeta.me reserves the right to partially or completely change the general terms and terms of use of service. The amendments shall enter into force from their publication on the WeSupport/Toeta.me general terms and terms of use pages in WeSupport/Toeta.me services or sending of a notification to WeSupport/Toeta.me internal messaging system. If the user does not accept the changes to the general terms and service terms of use, it is obliged to immediately end use of WeSupport/Toeta.me services. Continuing use of services constitutes acceptance of the amended general terms and terms of use.